Dive Master

Age Requirements

Minimum 18 years 

Physical Requirements

  Medical Examination form signed off by a doctor (within the last 12 months) 

Dive Requirements

· Rescue Diver or equivalent 

· CPR certification within 2 years

· Minimum 40 logged dives to begin, 60 logged dives by completion 

·PADI Recreational Dive Planner (Table and eRDPml) 

Exemplary diving skills, to demonstration quality
Rescue skills, to prevent or assist in the management of diving accidents
Professional-level knowledge of dive theory
Competence as a certified assistant, by handling logistical, supervisory and some educational duties
Dive management and supervision abilities, this requires good judgment and sound people skills
Ethical role model behavior, displaying common honesty and courtesy, and follow accepted, responsible dive practices
Enthusiastic and fun, being pleasant and sociable individuals with a passion for diving!

Upon successful completion of the PADI Divemaster Internship with Sgt Scuba, you will display all of the above characteristics, with confidence. You will also have gained experience with the day-to-day operating procedures of a recreational dive business, ranging from customer service to vessel operations. This not only prepares you for the PADI Assistant Instructor or PADI Instructor Development Course, but also provides you the required skills and qualifications to gain employment within the recreational dive industry.


·         PADI Advanced or equivalent 

·         Rescue Diver or equivalent 

·         CPR certification within 2 years 

·         Minimum 18 years 

·         Medical Examination form signed off by a doctor (within the last 12 months) 

·         Minimum 20 logged dives to begin, 60 logged dives by completion 

·         PADI Recreational Dive Planner (Table and eRDPml) 



As part of your course fee you will receive a PADI Crew pack bag containing:

·         Divemaster Manual

·         Divemaster slates

·         Divemaster teaching presentations

·         Divemaster Manual Diving Knowledge Workbook

·         Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

·         PADI bag to carry everything in

In addition to this, you should have the following:

·         PADI Instructor Manual 

(Note: Once at this level, as a Divemaster you are qualified to assist in teaching. The PADI Instructor Manual is an outline of Standards and Procedures for all PADI Professionals as well as requirements for, and how to run courses. If you are intending to attend a PADI Instructor Development Course, you are required to have this manual.)


You will need to provide all personal standard dive equipment.

The PADI Divemaster Internship is divided into three modules:

1.      Knowledge Development Module 

2.      Water skills and Stamina Module 

3.      Practical Application Module 



This module consists of 9 topics:

·         The role and characteristics of the PADI Divemaster 

·         Supervising general diving activities for certified divers

·         Assisting with student divers in training 

·         Dive Theory introduction 

·         Physics 

·         Physiology 

·         Equipment 

·         Decompression Theory and the RDP 

·         Divemaster conducted programs 

·         Risk Management 

·         Business of diving 

·         Furthering your dive career


Knowledge Reviews

There are nine chapters in the PADI Divemaster Manual, each with a Knowledge Review. Divemaster candidates must complete and turn in each Knowledge Review as directed by the Instructor. In addition, the Diving Knowledge Workbook must be completed.


Prior to certification, candidates must complete the Divemaster Final Exam, consisting of eight sections:

·         Divemaster Conducted Programs 

·         Supervising Certified Divers 

·         Assisting with Student Divers in training 

·         Physics 

·         Physiology 

·         Equipment 

·         Dive Skills and the Environment 

·         Decompression Theory and the RDP 

The exam contain 120 multiple choice questions, in which candidates must achieve a score of 75% or better in each section, to pass.

Emergency Assistance Plan

Each candidate must create an Emergency Assistance Plan for a dive site. The Emergency Assistance Plan provides information to someone who may need to manage a diving accident at the assigned dive site, and is evaluated on the completeness of such information.

The Knowledge Development Module will be completed through a combination of independent study, video and classroom sessions, and informal discussions as directed by your Instructor.


Confined Waterskills Assessment

The Instructor will work with candidates so they are able to perform the 18 basic dive skills from the PADI Skill Evaluation, to demonstration quality.

·         Equipment Assembly 

·         Pre-dive safety check 

·         Deep water entry 

·         Buoyancy check at surface 

·         Five point descent 

·         Remove and replace weight system 

·         Fin pivot 

·         Five point ascent 

·         Snorkel-regulator/regulator-snorkel exchange 

·         Remove and refit Scuba unit 

·         Hovering 

·         Buddy breathing stationary 

·         Buddy breathing swimming, donor 

·         Mask removal and refit 

·         Buddy breathing swimming, receiver 

·         Alternate air source 

·         Free flow regulator breathing 

·         Controlled emergency swimming ascent 

These skills are then evaluated by the instructor to provide a score for each of the individual candidate.

Stamina Assessment

Candidates will be required to:

·         Swim 400 yds 

·         Tread water for 15 minutes, last 2 minutes with both hands out of the water 

·         Snorkel 800 yds 

·         Execute a Tired-Diver Tow for 100 yds 

Diver Rescue Assessment

Candidates will be required to locate and surface a victim, properly check for and initiate breathing, tow the victim while removing own and victim’s weights, mask and scuba unit, and remove the victim from the water.


Mapping Project

Candidates must survey with a buddy, a dive site or part of a dive site assigned by the Instructor, including underwater and surface features, with sufficient detail and accuracy for creating a map of the site.

Create a map of the dive site, showing the underwater relief, important points of interest, recommended entry/exit areas, local facilities and potential hazards. An adequate map is one that is complete and would be useful for navigation by someone who has never dived at the site before.

Problem Solving Exercise

Candidates will be assigned a task by the Instructor, in order to demonstrate the ability to solve unanticipated problems underwater.

Divemaster Conducted Programs

Candidates must conduct a simulated or actual PADI Discover Snorkeling, Scuba Review, Discover Local Diving program or PADI Skin Diver course, while under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor. Candidates are to conduct the chosen course with a complete briefing, effective and safe in-water supervision, and an effective debriefing.

Practical Application

The final section of the Practical Application Module meets both instructional and experience goals by having Candidates supervise and assist divers during actual training situations (under Instructor supervision). This provides Candidates with the opportunity to apply principles and skills to actual supervision and teaching situations. Divemaster candidates must assist an Instructor in at least 5 confined water sessions and 5 open water sessions from any of the following PADI courses: Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver or Specialty program. Candidates will also gain experience in supervision of certified divers not participating in a formal course.

Successful completion of the PADI Divemaster Internship does not solely depend on the Candidate passing all theory exams, and each assessment. By the end of the program, Candidates must also be able to demonstrate the qualities expected of a PADI Divemaster, by the diving industry. A reasonable level of commitment and a mature attitude are necessary to meet these standards and to ensure a successful PADI Divemaster Internship.

Please discuss with us a timetable that would be suitable for you.

Course Fee:

$839.00 includes the Divemaster Crew Pak, course fee and application fee 


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