Hello my name is Eric “Sgt Scuba” McClure.  I am originally from Hemet, California.  I was born and raised in California until I joined the Air Force in July of 1987.  Originally, I came into the Air Force as a Security Forces troop, but quickly learned that was not for me.  So I cross trained in the summer of 1990, right before Desert Shield, into Disaster Preparedness, and that is where I’ve been ever since.  Finished up my Air Force career in May 2009 with 22 years; lastly working in the Wing Inspector General’s office handling all the exercise planning for the base.  I have two beautiful kids, Johnathan and Crystal, who live in LIncoln, California.  My son is certified, but my daughter is not.  Maybe one day I will get her certified.


I’ve lived by water my whole life, but never thought about scuba diving until 1996, when a friend of mine, Dave Hobart, a fellow Air Force friend, came back from the NCO Academy and told me how he had gotten dive certified.  I immediately made plans to go to the pool the following weekend to try a Discover Scuba class and then I was truly hooked.  Two months later I went to Okinawa, Japan, and I earned my dive certification from the Kadena Marina in March of 1996.  Over the next year, I attained my Advanced Open Water and Rescue Certification on Mainland Japan at a place called Izu Penisula. It was truly amazing.  The only draw back was that the water was extremely cold, around the mid 60’s. 



Then the Air Force made me leave Yokota AB, Japan and head to Andersen AFB, Guam for a two year assignment.  I was in heaven.  Within days of arriving, I was already signed up for my Divemaster class with Bob and Deb Gallo, truly amazing instructors here on Guam.  I received my Divemaster certification in early 1998.  Then I set my sights on becoming a dive instructor in the November 1998 Instructor Development Course (IDC) with Larry Klinehoffer, who taught me everything I needed to know about becoming a dive instructor here on Guam.  The program took 9 days to complete followed by another 2 weeks of additional training in specialties and first aid to be fully qualified as a dive instructor.  Between Larry and Buck Saunders they made me into what I am today at MDA, a very successful dive instructor. 


I’ve certified over 3100 people on Guam, Saipan, Truk Lagoon, Kadena, Palau, Yap, and Wake Island.  From Discover Scuba divers all the way to instructor and every warm water specialty imaginable, I can take you wherever you want to go with scuba diving! 


I attained the highest level with PADI back in March 2010, a PADI Course Director. 


Thanks for taking the time to read my bio.   


Eric “Sgt Scuba” McClure 


P.S.  How did I become Sgt Scuba?  Well, I went on a trip to Truk Lagoon back in 2000 with about 13 people.  Afterwards, one of the customers wrote a message to MDA saying how great a time they had with me on the trip and that “Sgt Scuba” did a great job.

"I’ve certified over 3100 people on Guam,

Saipan, Truk Lagoon, Kadena, Palau, Yap,

and Wake Island."

-Eric Mcclure

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